CCS Mobile iPhone v8.24

CCS Mobile app allows you to download your CCS flight schedule with a single click. It also displays layover contacts, reviews, flight-status and weather forecast.

CCS Mobile is a webapp specifically designed for iPhones. But it should also work for iPads and some other HTML5 compatible browsers - but they're not officially supported.

Optional open-time add-on available!

This app requires it's own subscription - i.e. not included in CCS Max subscription.

Introducing our free iCrew Hotels app - for layover information and reviews. Fully integrated with this app.



Click on the link below to download the app.

>> Download CCS Mobile <<

Q&A - Installation

I'm getting a trial expired - not a subscriber message?

Q&A - Usage

Where is the flight-status/wx features?

How do I get updates?

CCS Mobile Terms of Service

On download initiation, your username and passwords are transmitted to and then forwarded to CCS servers (SSL encrypted). The information is not saved on

There's a 14-day trial period...once you subscribe, refunds are not offered.

Subscription is tied to a single user and device (i.e. one subscription will not allow use on multiple devices).

If you get a new device, just e-mail us and we'll transfer the remaining subscription days to the new device.

CCS Mobile Privacy

User emp-id and passwords are encrypted and saved on the device. This information is also sent to to download your schedule - but is NOT saved there.

Your emp-id is saved on the server to track subscription and preferences.

No user information is collected and/or sent to third-party sites.

CCS Mobile Disclaimer

As always, your active work schedule is on CCS and it's your responsibility to check with it. CCS Mobile is not responsible for any missed assignments.