Oct 25 - CCS Max extension is NOT compatible with the new CCS (for FAs) yet. Please do NOT subscribe to it. I plan to wait till it stabilizes and then see what can be improved - most probably a few months.

CCS Max Chrome is designed for United airlines crew members using CCS scheduling software.

It an extension/add-on for Google Chrome browser that improves the overall CCS user experience.

Once the software is installed, it works transparently. You login and use CCS as you normally would, but now CCS Max will dynamically enhance many of the CCS pages.

It's very similar to CCS Max Firefox extension — except that product is for Firefox browser and requires the intermediate Greasemonkey extension also. Whereas, this is a native extension for Google Chrome browser.

For more information on the features of CCS Max, please visit the CCS Max Firefox page.


How to install CCS Max!

Take CCS to the max by clicking on the button below.

CCS Max is on the Google Chrome app store.

Current Version: 4.16

Please review this tip to make sure CCS Max Chrome is running!

When you click on the above link, Chrome will ask your permission to download this software. Click on "Continue" button and the software is installed. Nothing will happen if the CCS Max Chrome is already installed.

That's it…visit CCS site and enjoy the enhanced experience.

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How do I install?

Not working?

Every time I visit CCS, I get the shield icon. Can I stop it?


How is this comparable to CCS Max for Firefox browser?

Both passwords are not being remembered?

Where are all the CCS Max settings (e.g. open-time, alerts etc.)?

How do I update?


I'm a CCS Max Firefox user/subscriber — can I use this?

How do I subscribe?


Questions…suggestions…please send e-mail to  If e-mail is in reference to existing account, please include emp-id.


CCS is a copyright of United Airlines.

No refunds are offered 30 days after subscription.


CCS Max does not access (read/write/save) your CCS password without your permission.

When you log into CCS, CCS Max will transmit your CCS user-id (not password), base and pos to This will be used to control access, download rating-settings and other features.

No data is transmitted to third-party sites.

You're authorized to distribute this link and/or the CCS Max software-extension as-is without any modifications.